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Out of time: Elderly care in Germany | DW English

Rosa Lopez from Spain has been a care worker for 20 years. She loves her job, but it’s getting ever harder to do it properly. Germany has a shortfall of about …

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I am a Srilankan and I am working in Israel as a caregiver. it's so sad to see the situation compare to Israel because Israel is hiring us with a good salary and take care of all the patients living condition. I know that Germany lack of caregivers so I was about to come to Germany as a caregiver before Israel but I am sorry to say that the German Government is not implementing a proper system take foreign caregivers.

The only real solution is bring in immigrants who are willing to do this on a scholarship to train as nurse, and than they can settle and help. Thats what japan has started doing, and even germans has started an initiative like this -with immigrants coming from india,brazil,mexico etc.

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